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What are the Grade levels in your school?

The school offers Pre-Kindergarten through 12th Grade.

How much is registration?

There is a ONE TIME ONLY Registration fee of $50.00.

How much is the monthly school fee?

The monthly fees are as follows: Pre-Kindergarten - $345.00; Kindergarten through 8th Grade - $330.00; High School - $345.00.

Is there a discount if you have more than one child?

Yes, there is a discount for each additional child.

Do you provide transportation?

Yes, we have our own school buses and also Department of Pupil Transportation buses.

How much is transportation?

The cost for AIA's bus, is $100.00 per month per student. If your child is eligible for the bus service provided by the Department of Pupil Transportation, it is free of charge.

How far does your bus go?

We bus children to and from the following areas: Richmond Hill, South Ozone Park, Woodhaven, Queens Village and Brooklyn.

How large are your classes?

The average class size is 20 students.

Does your school offer breakfast and lunch?

Yes, the school offers Halal breakfast and lunch. The meals are prepared on site daily.

Is Arabic taught as a Language in the school?

Yes, Arabic is taught as a Language. Inshaa Allah, 12th Graders will be taking the Arabic Regents.