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Grade 4

  • draws using a variety of art material, and topics from other subject areas, and reflecting a diversity of cultures
  • paints with emphasis on mixing colors and media
  • makes functional posters (on safety, health, and other matters) featuring well spaced and legible letters

Communication Arts and Reading
  • recites and listens to poetry representing diverse cultures
  • reads stories that reflect a variety of cultural backgrounds
  • expands his or her vocabulary in all content areas by using clues in the text, own experience or knowledge, and the dictionary
  • develops more comprehensions skills (e.g. finding details; analyzing character; predicting; finding similarities and differences; drawing conclusions; and interpreting symbols, maps, charts, and graphs)
  • increases vocabulary by reading and writing

Health and Physical Education
  • identifies physical fitness activities such as stretching, abdominal curls, and aerobic skills, which benefit particular games and sports
  • discusses the importance of good nutrition and non-addictive habits for a healthy lifestyle
  • improves and combines skills in bouncing, catching, shooting, kicking, striking, and dribbling
  • performs square and folk/ethnic dances that reflect a variety of cultures
  • understands that people should refrain from using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs and knows that alcoholic beverages may not be served to minors

  • uses bar graphs and line graphs to show quantity
  • uses a calculator
  • explains what "factor", "multiple", "prime," and "composite" mean
  • investigates circumference and diameter relationships
  • adds and subtracts fractions with unlike denominators (1/2 + 2/3 = ?; 3/4 - 1/8 = ?)

  • solves scientific problems by measuring, estimating, classifying, and predicting
  • identifies and classifies rocks and minerals according to their properties, and countries of origin
  • identifies and explains the differences among the members of the Solar System
  • understands the relationship between Earth and moon
  • identifies and recognized the properties and characteristics of plants, seeds, flowers, and their countries of origin
  • understands the life cycle of a butterfly

Social Studies
  • understands the role that New York City had played in the history of the U.S.
  • values and appreciates the many different cultural groups that have influenced the development of our local community
  • understands how people from various cultural groups explored what is now the U.S.
  • understands how people from various cultural groups settled and developed the original 13 colonies and the impact this settlement had on Native American cultures
  • begins to understand the U.S. Constitution and how it has shaped the history of our country
  • uses maps to trace the geographical, political, social, and economic growth of the U.S.

Computer Education
  • identifies different kinds of computers
  • uses appropriate function keys
  • understands the parts of the computer
  • uses simple desktop publishing word processing programs to develop language and writing skills
  • names, saves, and prints documents using word processing, desktop publishing, and graphics software

Library Skills
  • studies history by reading biographies and historical fiction
  • learns how to skim pring materials to find names, dates, phrases, facts, or ideas
  • understands and locates broad classification such as biographies, fiction, etc., through the Dewey Decimal System