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There is a strong evidence of a direct correlation between good attendance and school achievement. Parents and guardians are responsible for seeing that their children attend school each day it is in session.

A student must be in attendance for at least half of the school day in order to be counted present for the day.

The following absences, which are school initiated and principal approved, are coded:

  • S1 Field Trip (school initiated activity)
  • S2 Late or early bus
  • S3 Verified Interview
  • S4 Special Programs (community approved activity)
  • S5 Religious Holiday
  • S6 Internship

The absences listed below are considered excused once school personnel have received verification: and, are coded 1:

  • Illness of student
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Quarantine
  • Family emergencies
  • Approved educational opportunity
  • Doctor’s appointment
  • Court or administrative proceedings

The absences listed below and all other absences not listed above are unexcused, and are coded 2:

  • Bad weather
  • Missing the bus
  • Car trouble
  • Lack of heat, water or electricity
  • Shopping
  • Babysitting
  • Lack of clothing or shoes
  • Oversleeping

Students are expected to attend school regularly. Studies show that students who have a high rate of absenteeism do not perform well in class or on tests. Parents should stress to their child(ren) the importance of attending school regularly.

Students must report to school daily, Monday to Friday unless otherwise instructed. In cases of students being absent or late for classes, a written excuse or note is needed from the parents.

Please encourage your child to be present everyday unless he/she is ill.
Please notify the school when your child is absent.
A written excuse from the parent must be presented to school the day the child returns to school from an absence.

If it is necessary for you to pick-up your child early, please call the office and send a note to your child’s teacher. Upon arrival, you must report to the security desk to sign the student out. Do not go to the child’s classroom. The office will contact your child’s teacher and have him/her sent to the security desk ready for dismissal.

A written note is also needed if a student has to leave school early.

Please send a note if you wish your child to get home in a different manner than usual.