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Dress Code

  • students are required to wear the school uniform at all times
    • Boys – White dress shirt, white under t-shirt or vest, dark green dress pants, plain black or white socks and black dress shoes
    • Girls – White shirt, forest green jumper(ankle length), plain white khimar(no decorations) and black dress shoes (Pre-K through Grades 1)
    • Girls from Grade 2 – through Grades 12 will wear forest green Jilbab(ankle length), matching green pants, white khimar, plain black or white socks and black dress shoes(Flats or Heels should not be more than 1 1/2" long)
    • if student choose to wear a sweater - it must be a GREEN uniform school sweater
  • no jewelry must be worn to school
  • boys hair must be short, evenly cut – no fade
  • no baggy pant - pants must be worn on waist - not hips
  • shirts must be worn tucked in pants
  • students who report to school without uniform will be sent home
  • students are not allowed to wear make-up - including nail polish
  • nails must be cut short
  • students are not allowed cell phones in school. If it is seen or heard - it will be confiscated. Parents are required to come in and sign it out to get it back. 
  • parents are required to observe the Islamic Dress Code when visiting Al-Ihsan Academy. Sisters must wear the Hijab