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small_square_building.jpgAs part of a massive Fund Raising Drive to raise money for Phase 2 of Al-Ihsan Academy's Building Project, the school has launched (among other activities) an innovative "Buy a Brick" program that is designed to give each Muslim the wonderful opportunity to help pay for a part of the school building.

The additional two floors will need about 20,000 bricks, and it has been determined that the approximate cost of each brick is $20 (installed).  If each of us buys some bricks, together we would pay for the structure of the building.  This building would be a proud monument to unity and what it can achieve!

Buy a brick!  Encourage others to buy a brick!  Buy bricks for yourself, for family members, for friends, for someone far away in another city or country, or buy bricks for some who has passed away.  Share in the barakah of "sadaqah jaariyyah" (continuous charity) until the Day of Judgment.

May Allah reward you for giving out of whatever Allah has given you.  May Allah reward all those who strive fisabee-lillah with their wealth and with themselves.


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